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Offering strong, productive Angus genetics ... the foundation of our herd.

Lylester Ranch is proud to offer elite Angus genetics.

All of us here at Lylester Ranch are proud to offer strong, productive Angus genetics that has become the primary focus of our cow herd. Our foundation females are all tremendous individuals that trace back to many of the leading Angus ranches and breeding programs in the United States.

Ranch Views

Check out some of the beauty that surrounds us every day. It’s a wonderful place to work, watch our incredible herd mature, and see everything nature throws at us here at Lylester Ranch. Enjoy the sights and just know this much … it’s better in person.

Meet the Crew

Exceptional ownership. Exceptional care. Exceptional cattle. Exceptional crew. That’s all here at Lylester Ranch and much more. Come meet the team.

Our Commitment

We have a passion for producing top-quality cattle and will always strive to be on the cutting edge while upholding the long trusted standards of the Angus breed. That’s why we source only the best through trusted relationships with our partners who share our commitment to raising superior cattle.



Our passion, along with our inventory, stands on its own. Our herd is the product of years of fine tunned genetic selection and following the animals well into production.



Our customer service after the sale is not just superior but is the foundation we establish for a long term relationship with all of our customers. Once you invest in our genetics, we have a vested interest in your success. We enjoy visits from old friends and getting to make new ones, so please contact us for a visit any time!



The foundation of any long-standing ranch are the lasting relationships it keeps. Our partnerships with the land, the cow, and the rancher are all equally important.

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